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About One Whole Heart

One Whole Heart’s desire is to equip the body of Christ to walk in her true destiny. Their main focus is on One Whole Heart Inner Healing, which partners with God to open intimate communication with the Trinity while healing the heart from all the burdens and traumas of this world. They believe that every heart can be free in Him, and they will press in until that happens.

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Points of Emphasis


​It’s important to become a living sacrifice and give ourselves totally to God, not holding anything back, so that satan would not have legal rights in our hearts. The safest place for us is to become dead to ourselves (our desires) in Christ, so that we can receive life to the abundance in Him. It’s in His death that we have life. We can’t be like Achan, who, by holding something back, received death. We give everything, and we receive life. I don’t say this so we hear preaching and obey rules. I say this so that through the Whole Heart process we become empowered to overcome. ​



One Whole Heart is both lifestyle and an encounter with the three members of the Trinity. It intimately connects our heart with Father, Son and Holy Spirit, allowing us to receive true revelation to replace lies from the kingdom of darkness. It is this faith-building intimacy that builds trust and sets us free to believe what God says about us, and step into who He created us to be.