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Network … Give … Become a Partner


Do you know Kingdom-minded people? Mention to them what God is doing here through ORMA. We want the Kingdom of God to come to earth and for His mountain to be established upon the mountains. Pray about how you can join us in this mission! We have positions available to join ORMA in varying capacities. Maybe God would have you be an ORMA missionary by serving the ORMA ministry itself or other functions within One Whole Heart Ministry. To find out more about One Whole Heart Ministry, click here.

Why Give?

The call of God is just as important here locally and regionally as it is in other countries. God has placed on our heart to be a funding-source for these missionaries throughout this region. The Lord is continually revealing His heart and vision for this ministry. As we seek Him and allow Him to unfold His will, your giving will help us accomplish what He has laid before us to do, and the ministries and missionaries God has entrusted to us.


ORMA Partners are people, ministries and businesses that want to support the spreading of Jesus through the region and is led to connect in one of these ways: Giving through money, time, prayer, and/or offering platforms for us to serve in our giftings, talents, and callings as the Holy Spirit leads. Our heart is to expand and serve in various places locally and throughout the region as the Lord brings in more partners.

Steps to Become a Partner
  1. Pray about becoming an ORMA partner.
  2. If you feel led, fill out an interest form below.
  3. Once the form has been turned in, a committee member will contact you to set up a meeting.
  4. We will meet and pray about your commitment to influence the seven mountains for the Lord.
  5. You will receive a reply via email.

Pray & Send




If you are interested in praying for ORMA or other areas of our ministry, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. You are welcome to request any specific missionary’s updates so you know how to pray, even if you are not supporting them financially.

Missionaries will still need support even after they have completed internships with ORMA. Please let us know if God puts anything on your heart to support missionaries who are being sent into the field after being in our care.

Become an ORMA


What is Required of an ORMA Missionary

Inner Healing

You will be blessed by going through the process of Inner Healing through One Whole Heart Ministry.

Connection & Thankfulness

Communicating monthly with your donors, and setting your heart on thanksgiving and gratitude.


Being in prayer for your donors and the ORMA mission.


A monthly mentoring session with ORMA staff on your work and how you are doing.


Complete the time and areas of your track.

Teachable Heart

Be open to correction, spiritual growth and learning.

Steps to Become an ORMA Missionary

Step 1

Pray & Seek

Step 2


Step 3

Committee Review

The first step to becoming an ORMA missionary is to pray and ask the Lord if this is the direction He is taking you.

If you feel led, the next step is to fill out our application here.

Once your application has been completed and references turned in, our committee will review your application and references.

Step 4


Step 5


Pray & Seek

Step 6

ORMA Missionary Begins!!!

Once reviewed, we will call you for an interview if you have made it to the next step.  

Once the interview is complete, our committee will pray.

If you are accepted, you will be contacted and start the process of becoming an ORMA Missionary.